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Antique Portable Pedestal Writing Table

£ 3,950

An antique teak Portable Pedestal Desk by the Army & Navy CSL with its original oilcloth top.

The desk splits into 3 parts as to be expected with a plinth base to the pedestals. The drawers are full depth and have brass campaign handles. The round A&N CSL logo is inset to the top edge of the top righthand drawer. Given the desk has an overhanging moulded top edge, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a domestic piece of furniture. The Society's catalogue of 1883 describes it as a Portable Pedestal Writing Table and packing cases were available to buy with it. The desk has a simple but clever way of ensuring that each pedestal is set to the correct side when re-assembling it. The pedestals have one lug each and one receiving hole for a lug fixed to the top; the left side has the lug to the front whereas on the right it is to the back. It is a useful size and by a good maker widely associated with campaign furniture. Circa 1880.
More Information
Year Circa 1880
Medium Teak
Country England
Style Campaign Furniture
Exhibitions Clear The Decks
Condition Good, 1 patch to side