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Whittington Travel Draughts Set

£ 265

A mahogany cased Travel Draughts Set.

The A&N CSL advertised the more common Chess version of this set and described it as The Whittington Portable Chess, Folding Flaps. For railway travelling. They also noted it was made of polished mahogany with bone men. It was available in 3 sizes, 8, 10 and 12 inches square. This is the largest set and has turned draught pieces instead of chess men. They each have a pin to the bottom to fix them to the squares but will also stack on top of each other to make a king. The board's squares are made of box and rosewood with a border for placing taken pieces.

If a game is interrupted during travel, closing the two flaps will ensure all the pieces remain in place until it is resumed. The board is hinged to halve its size when folded for travel. It has a swing hook to either end to lock the fold. Such draughts sets are rare compared to chess and the condition is very good. Circa 1900.

Packed size is given.
More Information
Year Circa 1900
Medium Mahogany
Country England
Style Travel Games
Exhibitions Clear The Decks